FPS problems after reinstall of WIndows 7

I have a Nvidia GTX 550 Ti DC/DI/1GD5 which was working perfectly fine until I wiped Windows 7 and reinstalled it and yes my motherboard and graphic crd are compatible.

After that my FPS in games like World of Warcraft and League of Legends, would only reach up to about 30 FPS but before I reinstalled Windows 7 I would get about 60 FPS minimum with no FPS lag what so ever.

I have installed all the chip-sets and drivers for my motherboard and graphic card and Direct x11 but I still have this problem. So I went to Asus.com for the BIOS update for my graphic card (my graphic card came from them, not directly from Nvidia) which did successfully install before I reinstalled Windows 7 but now it won't install it. When I do try and install it, I get the message: "your graphic card of current system don't match this VBIOS". Here is a link to BIOS update I am talking about. If it asks for OS then just select Windows 7 64 bit.

This may not be the problem but I have no clue what to do to fix this and it is the only update that will not install. Does anyone have an idea on what could be wrong?

The spec's of my pc are:

[Motherboard Specification]
*Motherboard Vendor : Gigabyte
*Motherboard Revision : M68MT-S2P
*Motherboard BIOS Revision : F1

[CPU Specification]
*CPU Vendor : AMD Athlon II X4 640
*CPU Type : Socket AM3 (938)
*CPU Speed : 3000 Mhz

[Memory Specification]
*Memory Vendor : Team Group Inc
*Memory Model : DDR3
*Memory Capacity : 8192 MBytes

[HDD Specification]
HDD Vendor : Seagate
HDD Model :
HDD Capacity : 759 GBytes

[Graphic Card]
Gefore GTX 550 Ti DC/DI/1GD5

Operating System : Windows 7 64bit

Just post if you need anymore information.

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  1. Bro, i have the same problem, with league of legends fps drops. Last month i had 60 fps, now after, when minions spawn my fps drops to 5-40. I reinstalled win7, reinstalled all drivers, cleaned fan and etc from dust which didnt help too.. and my friend bought a new pc last week - has same problem.. I dunno what to do..
    You are not the only one, bro.
    P.S. sorry for my bad English.
  2. I also have the same problem. My card is ASus GTX 680 2gb and the CPU is i7 3770 and whenever I try to play Borderlands 2 or even Minecraft the game at some point lagas a lot. I ran the 3D Mark11 Extreme test and my score is really low X3465... I have tried everything and I still have this problem! It's driving me crazy!

    Also I've installed all drivers and everything.
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