Will Asus Radeon 6670 fit to my computer?

Hi folks,

I'm planning on upgrading my video card from integrated Intel to Asus Radeon 6670.

As you can see on the website above, there is a part of the cooler sticking out of the board, and my motherboard is kinda small so the memory cards are located next to the end of the PCI-e x16 slot, which I will plug in the video card.

I was wondering if the part of the cooler won't touch the memory cards...
My computer is Lenovo K330A, I cannot get the motherboard info..
Motherboard chipset is Intel Cougar Point H67, Intel Sandy Bridge.

If anyone of you know the actual dimension of the card, please let me know.
Asus website and Newegg give me 6.6" but the card in the picture seems longer than that.

Thanks a lot!!
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  1. Imo i think it would fit however i think you should get this sapphire version as it is cheaper and doesnt have the cooler extending out of the pcb.
    Hope this helps!
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    since i cant edit my post, i would reccomend getting the 7750 rather than the 6670 if your budget can handle it.
    The card is faster plus is sucks very little power compared to the 6670, and since this card is smaller so i dont see why you shouldent get this card.
  3. I second what tarnjotsingh said
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