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Please forgive the long winded and drawn out explanation and questions I'm about to ask...

I'm sorry maybe I'm just not getting it, but whenever I try to install AMD Catalyst Controll Center with the Catalyst automatic installation software instead of installing Catalyst Control Center... The automatic installer keeps installing AMD Vision Engine Control Center. I think this is because I have an AMD A4 Vision video card... But I NEED Catalyst Control Center because with some of the videogames I go to play I get a black border around them when I make them full screen. And I have been searching about how to fix the black border for 4 HOURS now... And everything I get tells me to use Catalyst Control Center, and to change the SCALING for the screen options... I check the screen options for the AMD Vision Engine Control Center which won't stop installing and I have 2 problems.

1. The Screen Options are locked.

2. Even if I could unlock them, there is no scaling options other than full screen and centered. There is NO scaling slider bar or scaling options other than those 2 choices.

I even tried going into AMD Vision Engine Control Center advanced mode and same thing, Screen Options are locked and there are only those 2 choices...

So if someone could please explain to me how to install Catalyst Control Center and NOT AMD Vision Engine Control Center which doesn't work. or is outdated, I don't know which and don't really care... Or if someone can explain to me how to stretch my Windows 7 64-bit screen to always be full screen, that would be good too... The only other thing I have to mention is that when I hook my laptop (sorry I forgot to mention it wasn't a desktop earlier) to my TV using HDMI cables the image on the TV doesn't always fit inside the TV, it acts like the TV is zoomed in on the picture... And trust me I know how to work my TV, the TV is NOT zoomed in, its the video card stretching or contorting the image on the TV.

If someone could help me I would really appreciate it because I am at my wits end with trying to get this to work...
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