Help!!!Will this work??

(Location: India)
I wish to buy a few parts for upgrade(listed below). I have read forums mentioning problems of 'bottleneck' and other technicalities. I am no expert :??: so I need to know if this combination will work. Opinions and suggestions are most welcome...

cpu: amd phenom 2 X4 (965/???)
mobo: asus m5a97
ram: 2*4gb
gfx card: Sapphire radeon hd 7750 1gb gddr5
psu: ??? (help!!!)

gonna use my good ol' dvdr(sata) and hard drive(500 gb). My monitor is lg w2243t full hd dvi. Will I be able to watch 1080p movies?? And play latest games??(medium resolution will do)
Thanks in advance. :)
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  1. Yes, it'll work. Go for a good quality 400W or more PSU.
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