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Hello fellow geeks :hello:

I'm building a new system. What I would like to do is view both my current computer and the new computer on one monitor.

Is this even possible? Can I run both GPU cables into box, then run a cable from the box to the monitor. If this is possible, please be specific as to the box nomenclature and cable part numbers. Links to the parts source would also be very helpful.

I know out there is a super geek who can help me please.

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  1. The easiest would be to find a monitor that can do two inputs.
    Or, you can use MS remote desktop if you got them networked together, and don't plan on doing anything special on the second computer that would be remote controlled.
  2. Buy an HDMI-capable monitor and then buy one of these:

    I use a similar product on my home TV, which has two HDMI inputs for my three devices. Cable box goes into one HDMI port, and my 360 and Bluray go into the switch which goes into the second input. You just hit a button on the switch to go from one input to the other.

    The only caveat is that the switch uses intelligent switching, so when you turn on the second PC, it will automatically detect that and switch to the latest input. Easy enough to switch back, but something to think about. If you look for other switches you may be able to find ones perfectly suited to your needs.
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    a kvm is another solution, one keyboard mouse monitor for two pc's
  4. Thanks guys. Will try Randini's solution first. I'm still receiving components piece meal via the mail. Will let you know how this solution works out as soon as possible.
  5. A KVM switch will let you use the keyboard, video, and mouse on both PCs. It's the best way to do it. They have PS/2 and USB versions so it depends on what kind of keyboard and mouse you have which one to get.
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