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Hi All,

I am having a bit of a problem with my new PC.

I have had it a couple of months and all has been fine.

Over the last couple of days, when i switch on the computer from the mains, power up my Firewire audio device and then press the power button on the PC, nothing happens.

This goes on for about a minute and after a few tries it eventually switches on.

If i turn off and restart. It still doesn't work on the first attempt but it is quicker, untill eventually it seems to be fine when i turn offf and power up.

The power supply itself is about a year and a half old, and the BluRay burner is about the same. The two backup fdrives at raid 1 are also about that old.

The rest of it is brand new.

Does anybody know what this could be?

Any advice would be gratefully received.

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  1. Update.

    When it does start it get a very short buzzing sound coming from the power supply.

    Also, whilst it was running, it blue screened once and when it reloaded the gui in my software was going a little strange, with thin lines appearing through the menu titles (disappearing when moved curser over) and the close down symbol (x) appearing twice, one on top of the other.

    Any ideas would be most helpful.

  2. It's very likely that you need to replace your PSU. Get a new one from one of the major suppliers - don't select a cheap unbranded model.
  3. Thanks for that.

    I took it to my local pc shop and found out that the guy who bulit it had put it in upside down so the fan was at the bottom of the case (its an inverted case).

    My power supply was a Corsair AX850 and i have replaced it with the same one.

    I just hope my other components haven't been damaged, although the guy at the shop said that it was highly unlikely, as i have an Asus Sabretooth X79 motherboard and he says that they are hard to damage.

    Thanks again.
  4. He will also test my Graphics card as it was just above the PSU in the case.


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