Asus GTX 670 top vs asus gtx 680 top

Is the 680 worth that much more money. I can get the 670 top from America for 500 (live in AUS virtiually impossible to get it here) or I can get the 680 top for around $640. I'm not real keen on spending 640 on a GPU but if it is significantly better than the 670 I may. The question is is there much of a difference between the two cards.
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  1. i dont think either are available anymore, they got discontinued for some reason. its not worth the extra 100 bucks for a gtx 680, get a gtx 670 msi power edition. it would be the closest to the asus top for performance and overclocking
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    There is a 7% performance difference not worth it imo i would buy 670 if i was you.
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