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I see where you have a quesition listed but the answers are me how to reset IP address for Win 7 and it takes you to a XP dialog problem is when I try to connect wirelessly I get the old ''Limited Access'' and not connected in the status box. And the wireless connection utility shows my old IP address as autoconfigured to IPv4 whereas it should be the 169 number was for a connection I had security on but that company went out of business and now I have an Alfa usb hi-gain antenna that picks up my work place that I can share a connection to but it keeps going back to my old IP address and when I go to the star>control panel>internet connection> connections tab all I have is the LAN. At this point I am having to use a Virgin Mobile usb dongle to go on line and it is as about as good as dial-up slow as Christmas in August...and would like to connect to the linksys at work which I show 4-5 bars in signal strength....somebody help me....thanks
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  1. an 169. IP shows that you are not connected/authenticated to the wireless router and did not get an IP assigned by the router.
  2. this something I can do or do I have to reboot the router?
  3. how far are you away from the router?

    do you have a wireless password entered correctly?

    do you have a desktop or laptop?
  4. I have a laptop and the router is about 800' as the crow flies and yes I know the password but it is an open site and not password set because we have people at work (new hires) that have a hand held device that they have to take tests on (DirecTV) about every other week for several hours so the owner just left it open so they could acccess the site...and I got one of those Alfa 1w higain antennas to pull it in because there is no clean line of sight due to trees and buildings but with this antenna it shot up to 4-5 bars from 1 bar on my onboard Broadcam card. I have a HP Pavilion Dv7 thanks Emerald for taking the time....
  5. by the way I did change the IP in the wireless connection dialog box but when the Realtek card reads the router it defaults back to that number...I was thinking about the ping thing but it will not as I am not connected and it won't ipconfig /release if unconnected either....kinda like a catch 22....what I am trying to do is get off this pay as you go Sprint dongle deal because at work we have Road Runner turbo business set up and like I mentioned it's only about 7-800' away....and with this Alfa it is showing a strong signal....
  6. so you have two wireless network cards?

    have you try to disable the build-in one?
  7. yes I toggled that off when I installed the Realtek driver for the USB antenna.....and it remains toggled off when at home...that was one of the first things mentioned when downloading the driver.....
  8. since you have a laptop, have you tried walking closer towards the router?

    just because you can see the router does not mean that the signal from the router reaches you.

    since you have a high gain antenna your might reach further than the router.
  9. the issue is not getting closer to the router because I already receive a strong signal it is that the router is giving me a ''Limited Access'' flag when I try to connect and the higain antenna is to pick up a better signal which it does do...4-5bars the router is still showing a IP address which I know for a fact is as it is set to default for the above mentioned reasons.
  10. have you tried assigning a Static IP to the Laptop.

  11. yup tried that and still get Limited Access....I was thinking it could be something in my administrative tool>services dialog box that is toggled off but I gave that a good going over and restarted everything I could find that was disabled or stopped to no avail....this has become a real poser as to why an open router with unencrypted access is giving me fits to tie in to...
  12. how many bars do you get on the build-in wireless network card?
  13. only one on that one and very weak....funny thing when I run the connection trouble shooter it comes back unable to determine the cause....I am of the mind the router needs to be rebooted and it will be out of pocket til Monday at the earliest due to the holidays
  14. being that the router is 7-800ft away it reaches the outer limits of a N-network without using a high gain antenna on the router itself.

    your current setup is like you having binoculars and can clearly see the router but the router without any additional device cannot see you standing beyond at the horizon.

    You can send the request to the router but you cannot receive since you are out of the routers range.

    if the router has external antennas, you might be able to upgrade them with high gain ones so that the router can transmit further
  15. you know what that makes all the sense in the world ...just because I can pick it up doesn't mean it can pick me up, for some reason I was thinking all you had to do was receive but you also so have to is in g and it is an older linksys WTRG54 if my memory is correct circa late 90's the type with two rubber ducky antennas...that'll be the next step to put a gain on that thing....thanks my man
  16. a G-wireless is rated at about 250ft outdoors.

    you will need to get an N-wireless router preferably with external antennas so you can up the range
  17. okay and thanks emerald....
  18. found out over the weekend that the modem from timewarner was bad and that was the problem....went to a wifi site and the moderator pretty much said if you can ''see'' it it should be able to function....
  19. don't know why I got two emails saying there were more answers it just keeps going back to this???????
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