Need help deciding motherboard.

Hello, i am building a new gaming PC while surfing web/streaming video in the background and would need some help choosing a motherboard.

This is the spec i have in mind:

CPU: 1090T
GPU: MSI HD 7850 Twin frozer 2GB O.C
RAM: G.Skills RIPJAWS-X 1333MHz 8 Gb

There are 3 motherboards that i am looking into:
1) Asus M5A97 PRO
2) Asrock 970 Extreme 4
3) MSI 970A-G46 Mainboard

Would like to know which of this 3 motherboards goes well with the setup. Thanks!!
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  1. None of the above.

    For gaming, the 1090T, or any amd cpu for that matter is not a great choice for gaming.
    Most games depend on 2-3 fast cores, makint the extra 3 cores of the 1090T largely irrelevant.
    Intel cores are faster on a clock for clock basis too.
    Read this article on <$200 gaming cpu's. Even the lowly $90 G860 does better.

    With your cpu budget in the $200 range, I might suggest a intel 3570K. It is as good as it gets for gaming.

    And... see if that graphics card can't be upgraded to a GTX670 or 7950 class card.
    A stronger graphics card is the key to good gaming.

    Or, look at the GTX660ti. It seems to compete with a 7950 in this review. Pay particular attention to the graphs showing consistency of response times.
  2. Thanks for the suggestions. If i were to go for the 3570k, i would probably choose Asrock z77 Pro 3 Gen 3 motherboard.

    As for the GPU and RAM wise i guess i would still be taking them due to my budget
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