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Hi i built a computer few weeks ago , but every time when i play a current game like Guild Wars 2 ( and many others ) my computer crash after 30 minutes. There is a lot of color then it crash
The fact is that there is no freeze during the half hour , the computer can easily handle the game , i don't know what's the problem

My config :
Motherboard : ASUS P8Z77 Deluxe
Ram : Corsaire Vengeance 1866 Mhz 4x4 Go
Graphic card : Nvdia GeForce Gtx 570
CPU : I7 3770 k
SSD 128 Go ( Windows 7 - 64bit Installed )
HDD : Seagate 1To , 7 200 rpm , 32mo

Thanks for helping.
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  1. What are your temperatures?
  2. GPU 30°C
    CPU 10°C
    In activity
  3. The software isnt reading correctly. You should be at like 28 idle for the CPU and like 45 load. The GPU should be reading hotter as well.
  4. The cpu can't be 10C unless you live in a freezer. Download hwmonitor to watch temperatures.
  5. I used speedfan , sometimes it's written 3°C for the CPU temp , sometimes -1°C ...but i changed many things so i'll tell you tonight the real temp , by the way i always let the window open because of smoke.. so in my room the temp is around 2°C to 15°C
  6. use COREtemp. its simple and easy.
  7. Your room temperature is 2C? Are you an eskimo? I don't believe you at all.
  8. No man , i'm serious but this is not the problem here , realy i'm stuck with the computer and i'm working in video games , so i need to fine a solution quickly , i'll tell you my actual Temperature tonight .
  9. That means water is almost freezing in your room. I think your thermometer(s) are broken.
  10. So i installed Core Temp : and my CPU is around 10°C-13°C
  11. Try HWmonitor. I don't believe 10C at all, unless you are taking your computer ice fishing with you.
  12. What is your PSU?
  13. Man ... i'll send you a screenshot of HWmonitor tomorow, and then you should believe me .
  14. If that shows 10C then that tells me you have a broken temp sensor.
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