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I'm about to start buying the parts for this computer, and I just wanted to get one more quick look over it before I start the buying process.

I am going to use it for gaming, and some homework (MS word and the like) and then just regular internet surfing.

I do not need an OS system, or monitor, or optical drive, or even a hard drive (taking the ones I have in my current machine)

I will Not be overclocking anything.

Originally I was looking for something relatively cheap, but will work well, and that can be upgraded as the money came in (so somewhat future proof). But my budget got raised a bit so I threw some better parts in, and now I want to make sure all is well.

My main concern is bottlenecking, and the fact that my GPU ( Gigabyte Radeon HD 7870 might be too large, because from what Ive read it is 11 inches, so I want to make sure it will fit in my case without a lot of hassle).

So any last minute ideas, or problems please let me know!!

Thank You!
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  1. bottle necking from what? I don't see a problem here. Also the gpu should fit almost all mid towers.
  2. Card size H= 42.5mm, L=280 mm, W=134 mm

    measure your actual case to see if it will fit if not, get a bigger case too.
  3. From what I can tell, and the specs I have looked at the card should fit, I just wanted to double check before buying everything.
  4. there are no problems with this build..just get a 2*4gb 1600 RAM from any good brand..its only going cost a couple of bucks more.
  5. Alright, I will do that. Thank you very much for taking one last look. =)
  6. Foreign-Object said:
    Alright, I will do that. Thank you very much for taking one last look. =)

    Happy to of luck with the build
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