How does this system sound?

Hey Guys, I'm on a budget of 8.5-9.3k max (With a mouse and keyboard). What's your opinion? I went with the best value graphics card (AMD 7770) according to that GPU benchmark site. I just have a few questions.
1. Do I need the multilingual windows 8 or the single language? If the single language only has English then I will be okay.
2. In a low end-ish system like this with low power usage components do you need a case with a lot of airflow? Should I go with the Cooler Master Elite 311 with the transparent side panel (with no side fan) or the Cooler Master Elite 311 with a side fan and a non-transparent side panel?
I based most of it off of a few different system builders guides. I went for the caviar black because it is a high performance drive and it comes with a good warranty (5 years). I chose that CPU because it had really good customer feedback (5 eggs on newegg) and because I don't plan on doing any OC'ing. What's a good mouse and keyboard? I don't need a keyboard with 12 custom keys. Something simple but good quality and likewise for the mouse. Thanks in advance. Since I'm using a different currency it might be a bit hard for you to give me tips :P

From Rebeltech:
ASRock B75M R710
LG GH24NS90 R163
Intel Core i5 3470 R2,066
Antec VP550P 550w PSU R657
Corsair Vengeance LP 2x4GB R454
Western Digital Caviar Black 1TB R1,025
Cooler Master Elite 311 R374
Cooler Master Silent Fan, 140mm, Sleeve bearing, 1000rpm, 60.9CFM, 16dBA X2 R118
Microsoft Windows 8, 64bit, Single Language, DSP R894

From WootWare:
MSI Radeon HD7770 and Far Cry 3 Game Voucher Bundle R1,499.00
Total: R7960
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  1. looks solid,go with the window. Can't go wrong with a Logitech keyboard/mouse combo.
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