Tax Computer $5-600

I will be purchasing a computer with my Tax money that I shoud get in February or March. Here are the things I have:


I an an Intel guy so I want an I5. I would like to overclock a little but have never done it.
I will need everything else. I will use if for games and general use. I do plan on purchasing better items in the future to add on to what I get now, SLI etc...

I have $500 I can spend and hope to be able to stretch it out to $600.

I live in the US and can purchase from any online vendor, newegg, tigerdirect etc... I appreciate your help in advance. Please include links so I can read reviews etc.
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  1. there are a lot of core i5-i3 builds here:

    just substract what you already have from the total (hdd, case, power supply, etc)
  2. heres a good one i composed for a friend

    8gb of ram

    BUT has a 500gb harddrive
  3. Thank you both for the help. I have made a list of builds to look at and review. My biggest question is on the CPU. What difference will there be between an i3 vs i5 or just pentium? I know I wont need an i7. As always I appreciate your knowledge
  4. Also should I upgrade to Win 7 or Win 8 from XP? Support for XP is not what it once was.
  5. I don't know about windows 8, win7 works so good i never cared for it.
    At this point sticking to XP will not do any good to a new system, try to get Win7 64 bits. All processors are 64 bits plus you need that one so windows can see more than 4GB of ram (8GB is getting standard now).
    An i5 is a good middle between price and performance.

    Take a look at the best answer on this thread, it might be just what you need.
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