Setup opinion upgrade or not to upgrade

Current build - gaming pc/game programming/

Intel Core i7 860 @ 2.80GHz -1st gen
Asus p7p55D-pro
12gigs ram
Cruical SSD M4-CT128MSSD1 128gb -- os drive
Hitachi 2x2TB drives 7200rpm
GPU - EVGA 660 SUperclocked edition (non TI) ---will SLI it soon
2xDVD burnes
950 watt pwr supply

Its hard for me to jusify upgrades outside of video cards but i am open to suggestions. Is it time to upgrade or push it for another year or 2
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  1. PWR suppy - Corsair TX950W 950
    --i got a 950 watt at the time to kinda future proof it
  2. That is the question!!!

    Just could not resist...
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