Something wrong with the GPU ??

I just bought an Asus GTX560 DCII TOP/2DI/1GD5 and a NEW Samsung LED monitor.

But in nearly every game ive played so far, I get very low quality lightning in the Dark Scenes .

Like this in the Dark Souls

Anything Wrong with my GPU ??
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  1. hi,

    If you change the brightness of your screen does it get any better, it might be on a text mode or something.

    try it in movie mode.

    If not, chech your ingame setting might be at low resolution.

    What the rest of your components ?
  2. did you adjusted the gamma? looks like the gamma is too high...

    EDIT: maybe the monitor calibration isn't right, if that is the problem we will not see any problem in that image, like i said, it looks like the gamma is too high.

    Try it in other screens or calibrate your screen.
  3. Thanks for the replies.

    Adjusting the gamma improved a little.

    I should also mention that I this happens with Images and Games with dark scenes.

    But never with videos
  4. tuhi009 said:
    I lowered the resolution. It looks ok now.

    Is this problem happening on other games? or just dark souls, this game is a console port, and because of that there are some problems, for instance, to use 1080p it requires a fix... and that fix requires you to remove all the game effects on the game menu, and use only the config file from the fix.

    Were you using that fix? if yes, you can tune the settings on config file for that specific game.

    If this is happening in other games too i bet that you have not adjusted the gamma, or maybe your monitor/television isn't calibrated making those effect look worse than they really are.

    excluding dark souls, try to run your games at your native resolution for better image quality, lowering resolution will fix some problems but you will be stretching the image.
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