GTX 560ti vs GTX 660


I am looking to upgrade my computer from a GTX260. I am currently looking at the GTX560ti & the 660(non ti) to stay within budget.

I was wondering which one would be the better choice and why. It seems they are very similar and though theoretically the 660 is faster I've seen alot of forums talk about the 560ti being superior.

System Specs:

AMD Phenom II x4 970
8GB Ram DDR3
Windows 7 64
GTX 260
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  1. The 660 is generally the better card. The 560Ti is only better in GPU computing applications eg. CUDA acceleration. The 560Ti is also a more balanced product, as it doesn't have a crippled memory bus like the 660 has. The 660 will do very well in games that do not tax the memory bandwidth, eg. Battlefield 3. In games that do tax memory bandwidth, eg. Batman Arkham City with moderate to high levels of Anti-Aliasing enabled, it performs poorly compared to its AMD counterpart, the Radeon HD 7870.

    Most of the time the 660 will do better than the 560Ti, in gaming, the 660 will be better than the 560Ti in virtually all scenarios. You should probably go with the 660 unless you are looking for a card solely for CUDA acceleration or other GPU computing tasks.
  2. A GTX 660 will be faster than a 560ti and consume much less power too.
    So go ahead and get the 660

    Also if you can put in like 10$ more you can get the HD7870 which will be even faster.

    Hope this helps
  3. Thank you for all of the information! I appreciate it. To be honest I had not even considered an ATI product.
    Best site for comparisons.

    Edit: Can compare NVIDIA to AMD there too. Just have to manually select them on the drop down menu.
  5. the 660 mops the floor with the 560.......... cmon guys. love the card so much you can't put the facts out ?.......... twice the fps as the 560 has NO problem with "crippled memory.......... there are people who know this that talk about what nvidia did to make this happen ( gotta love google )...........

    seek oput and ye shall find.......... not a plug for MSI ( i don't like MSI ).. and please google the thing about the memory....
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