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need help please :)
ok so b4 upgrading to my new graphics card i had an ati radeon hd 2400 pro 512 mb dedicated ddr2 but i wanted to play better games n stuff so i bought an ati radeon hd 5450 1gb ddr3 but when installed it nothing was showing on monitor and when i started my pc with on-board graphics the pc started but on bios it didn't show my new graphics card

not sure about my power supply but it says : max 460W and equal to 385W , on graphics card box it was recomanded 350W or higher then a friend came over to me and told me that my motherboarad is too old to support that graphics card but i had an pci-e graphics card installed be4? need help please

Os : windows 7 32 bit
ram : 2gb ddr2
cpu : amd athlon 64 x2 5000+ 2.61 Ghz
hdd 500gb
mobo :msi-7225 , chipset model geforce 6150 , bios : american megatraders v3.14
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  1. plug your monitor to the integrated graphics video port and see if you get any signal.
    you can try using the old card to go to bios and set your video device to PCIE and not integrated

    when you power your system with the new card do you hear the fans spin?
  2. yes when i plug on integrated the pc boots up but it doesent show my new graphics on bios or device manager , and yes i've tried changing it to pcie but same no singal on the monitor
    and my graphics card doesent have fan but when i plug it the pc starts up and all but i see nothing in screen all black :(
  3. so lets say its the power supply problem and i dont have enough power am i still able to see the graphics card on bios/device manager? any1 know because my card doesent have fan and i dont know any other way to check
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