Thoughts on my Gaming Rig

Hey guys. I am planning on building myself a new Gaming Rig from scratch. I have done a fair bit of research since I have not built a new system in a while.
I do a lot of PC gaming and also do a lot of recording with FRAPS for my YouTube channel. So it is important that my rig is built around those tasks.

My budget is around $1,400.00 and I think the rig I have assembled is pretty close to what I want. (Note: My budget include the price of a Monitor/OS/Keyboard)

What are your thoughts on this system? Anything I should change?
(I would be gaming at 1980x1020)

I would also like it to be able to last me a fair bit of time before needing to upgrade again.

I am also wondering on Windows 7 vs Windows 8?

My Gaming Rig--->>
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  1. Thats a good PC Build the only thing I would recommend is windows 7 over windows 8, Windows 7 is a far Superior gaming OS than windows 8,

    If your want to do windows 8 wait for the first service pack

    Also What types of games do you play, because you might want to look into a mechanical gaming keyboard. I love mine!
  2. Here i fixed it for you
  3. +1 on that build
  4. As he using FRAPS its recommended to have 2 hard drives..1 for gaming and second one for recording while gaming..that build is realy great just add him 2nd hdd;))))
  5. regina_49 said:
    Here i fixed it for you

    What is the advantage of the more expensive motherboard you selected? Just curious.

    Also. I know the single 2TB drive is cheaper, but I need 2 individual drives for the recording that i do. Recording from and writing back to the same drive with FRAPS bogs down the system a lot more than recording to a separate internal drive.
  6. Z77 newest chip, RAID support,SLI and Crossfire support,3.0 usb, eSata 6Gps and so on:)
  7. And supports cpu onboard video
  8. That motherboard is not expensive it's as good as the Asus Sabertooth yet cost a lot less it won Toms Hardware six motherboard shoot out see here has all kinds of features and goodies,3187-2.html if you want cheaper i recommend $119.99 After $15.00 MIR
  9. Thanks you for the Motherboard recommendation. Im just curious about what faults the motherboard I had originally selected had?
  10. I would agree with regina's build. You could drop down the extreme4 instead of the extreme6 if the extreme4 is on sale somewhere. They are pretty identical except for a few fringe peripherals. (Floppy connector, Firewire, ect). You could stick with the 2xHHD for a raid if you wanted. Be sure to get low profile ram to ensure comparability with "big air" coolers.
  11. I have updated my build based on some of your suggestions.

    Hows it looking now? -->

    Anything else I should address? or is this pretty solid?
  12. Well i would sugest a hyper evo 212 cpu cooler because its awesome if you are pllaning to overclock..but realy great job you did there
  13. And if you got hyper evo you need low profile ram
  14. After some research i am heavily considering the 212 EVO CPU Cooler. Though I am a bit worried about its size. With my current case/motherboard/ram would it fit? Or would I need to change a few components to allow for the large cooler size?

    Ameture1337 Suggests low profile ram. Is that absolutely necessary?
  15. Yes you need low profile ram for sure...
  16. Any suggestions for Low Profile Ram?
  17. Corsair vengence low profile
  18. Alright, with the addition of the EVO 212 CPU Cooler and the Low Profile RAM I am reaching a finalized system.


    Thanks to everyone for their advice and suggestions.

    One last question. Would a SSD Cache drive be worth the investment?
  19. Yes its worth cuz everything goes faster:)) like world starts to spin faster:D
  20. I honestly don't even know how to set that up or what I would need to buy. I have just heard that it helps a lot
  21. You dont need anything..just buy ssd connect the cables..set in bios achi mode istead of ide and install windows..then there are lots of tips what to disable in sindows to make it faster and last even longer...
  22. Windows*
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