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I have 9600GT 512MB (I know it's old and sucks) and since the Guild Wars 2 update i have a problem, i can start a game just fine but after a few minutes the screen say "No Signal" (it's NOT a screen issue, i have tried with another screen and it's the same). But with that problem I could have handle (I just open the games in borderless window or fullscreen window) but since update number 306.97, i have got a another issue I can run games in the borderless window but after a few minutes the fps drops (in dota 2 it's from 41-45 to 20-25) and after another few minutes it's give me "No Signal"...

Plz help me, I'm hopeless...

and BTW sorry for my bad English... :(
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  1. Have you thought about rolling back the driver?

    Just because the recommend a drive update does not mean you need one. If the old driver worked then I would use it.
  2. but what if a new game would required the latest driver?
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