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Building a Home file server for files/media

December 12, 2012 7:05:46 PM


I intend to build a file server/NAS for home. Its primary use will be DVD archiving (I have about 3 TB already archived on flimsy raid1 NAS). Recently my house had a power surge and I lost 3 computers (luckily not the data on them). (Two were custom built 64-core beasts the other was my wife's laptop). So I want to get my data all backed up. It is the media, plus all the CD-ROM/DVD ISO's from my software library (mostly locally cached MSDN ISO's and Oracle ones) and then the rest is personal. I'm a software programmer and do research in HA/cluster software and intend also to use it as a SAN for some ideas I want to tinker with.

This isn't a complete spec, just the parts that I'm unclear about.

Chenbro 24 bay HDD chassis

SuperMicro LGS1155 Xeon ATX Motherboard

Intel Xeon E3-1220 3.1GHz 69w Quad core CPU

LSI MegaRAID SAS 9280 6GB 24-port Raid Controller


Adaptec 24 port 6Gb Raid controller

Mellanox MHQH19B-XTR ConnectX 2 VPI 40Ghz Infiniband adapter

Both the infiniband adapter and the raid require an x8 PCI slot and the chosen mobo appears to support that. Some questions I have

* whether anyone has experience with the Chenbro chassis or if there are alternate parts for the build I might consider? I'm looking for the 2u 2.5" 24-bay form factor as opposed to the 4u units but I'm flexible and had considered the Norco 24 bay 4u and the Supermicro variant. Reliability is what I want and energy efficient second.

* Does anyone know what other parts I might need to make this work (do I need the Chenbro extender or other accessories they offer)?

* Should I opt for the dual power or for home use should I be okay with just a single PSU?

This is for home use and I have not yet determined where the unit will live (office, converted hallway closet to rackspace with ventilation, or garage -- in sunny southerna calfifornia, USA).

My top budget for the unit is $3k roughly not included hard drives. this unit will serve no other purpose (I'm going to build new Opteron 32-cores to replace the other dead workstations).

Thanks much for any advice I can get about this.