Can a GTX 660ti handle dual monitors?

Hi guys, in my current setup I'm using my tv (Samsung 22" LED 1920x1080 native) and one GTX 660ti. Although it's great for gaming and films, it's not the best when browsing the web so I'm thinking of getting another monitor for web browsing and keep my tv for games. Would my GPU be able to handle this?

Thanks in advance.
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  1. A single GeForce GTX 660 Ti can handle 4 displays so you should have no problems connecting only 2 displays.
  2. I know of its capabilities, I'm just wondering if the performance would still be good when playing games etc.
  3. how to connect the 2. monitor ?
    only 1 HDMI
  4. Anonymous said:
    how to connect the 2. monitor ?
    only 1 HDMI

    Are you fucking retarded kid?

    Not all monitors require a HDMI port. Monitors also have VGA and DVI connectors. If you only have HDMI monitors you can get cables that convert HDMI into DVI.
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