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Hello, First time builder and i have decided on an i5 2500k processor as well as a ASUS GTX680 graphics card. I do not know much about computers and would be using it for gaming playing Dayz, battlefield 3, arma 2. would like to be able to play on fairly high settings. budgeting for the tower arould $1200 if possible all suggestions very much appreciated
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  1. Is your budget with keyboard/monitor/OS or not?

    Also if your going to get the I5 2500K get the I5 3570K its the same price but its better
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    This is a pretty decent build for 1200$ if you want to go with the GTX 68

    Personalty I dont think its worth the money to get a GTX 680 I would get a GTX 670

    here is a comparison between the 2 cards

    If you go GTX 670 heres a good build

    And here is another good one with an I7

    Good Luck!
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