How can i avoid the MSI 660ti from over volting?

Good Afternoon All,

Have a question regarding the 660Ti that MSI reportedly over-volted. I bought the card before Tom's came out with the story and I am stuck since its past the return policy form where I bought it.

With that being said, is there any way to avoid the possibility that i could fry card and anything else due to this? I have looked looked at the Afterburner software and set the voltage to 100%, would that be sufficient?

Are there any tell tale signs that it is happening? I have seen posts where people with this card say that their screen goes black for a second or 2 and then the windows notification pops up saying that driver has some error and Windows has recovered.....or is that for something driver related?

Thanks all for your help
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  1. RMA the card to MSI
  2. well, hang on one sec....I too have that card and am aware of the issue. However, MSI released a statemtent indicating that they stand by the over voltage done in order to "unlock" the full potential of this card. So, unless there is actually something wrong with your card you just can't RMA it because of the simple over voltage. Of course, you could always say something was wrong with it but it is covered by a warranty so if it does fail you can return it. Personally, after reading a few reviews of this card, and looking at some O/C settings, I'm keeping mine and trying the O/C tweak I found. So far, this card has rocked in terms of performance and is running cool at least for me.
  3. MSI designed the cards to handle the over-voltages they were using. They should be no less risky to use than any other professionally-overclocked card, which is essentially what you get out of any other high-end graphics card.
    The only issue is that Nvidia does not approve of their cards being sold in this way with unlocked voltage regulators, and therefore uncertainty has arisen as to the safety of owning a card with such changes.
    You should be perfectly fine without modifying anything.
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