ASUS Sabertooth z77 Wifi?

Hey everyone,

I'm building my first computer and I just placed an ASUS Sabertooth z77 inside and was under the assumption that it had integrated wireless yet I can't seem to connect to my network at all. I first installed the newest drivers from another computer onto this one, and then went back and used the CD, but no luck. Any ideas?

Also, I read in some places that the board may not correctly use the RAM, like it uses the wrong frequency or something, how do I change that?

Thank you.
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  1. The ASUS Sabertooth z77 doesn't have wireless lan integrated, as for the ram as long as it's 240 pin ddr3 1333-2xxx 1.5v or less it's fine.
  2. I believe it's a G. Skill RipjawsX DDR3-1600 1.5v
  3. Then no problems at all.
    You'll have to buy a pcie x1 wireless card, if you want wifi.
  4. Okay so sorry, one last question. I've been looking around for wireless cards but see there are plenty of "wireless cards" that are USB devices. What am I looking for? The USBs or the actual cards that go into the PCIE? When I was younger and updated the computers at home they were actual cards, just want to make sure I'm up to date.

    Thanks for your help djangoringo!
  5. The pcie wireless adapter has more speed and it's superior to the usb wireless adapter(depends on the models in question) and less cpu overhead.
    Both can give you what you want.
    Pcie card :
    USB :
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