Super budget gamer build.. I think...

hey guys, new here, I know a few bits about computers as i dud my CompTIA A+ a few years back, but i am now very rusty, any way been doing some research and have come up with this build for about £300 (approx $500) what do you think ?

I have been spying on a few threads for processor and graphics, rest i just mashed together :)

any links to items for sale to make this better appreciated.

additional: this is not intended for playing super high end games just a few favourites comfortably

so here it is

CPU = AMD CPU Phenom II 965 Black Quad Core Processor Socket AM3 £70
Mobo = ASUS M5A99X EVO, AM3+ (plus), AMD (90-MIBFL0-G0A​AY00Z) £55
graphics = XFX AMD/ATI Radeon HD 6870 1GB Graphics Card £75
RAM = Crucial Ballistix Sport 8 GB Memory 2 x 4GB RAM 1333 MHZ DIMM 240-pin DDR3 SDRAM £30
HDD = Western Digital 250gb 3.5" Sata Laptop Hard Disc Drive £25
case = £20
DVD drive £10

so there it is, any savings i can make let me know, or if you feel i really should go with better gear let me know?

lastly I have been considering building a machine considered 'top spec' from 2007- 2008 using socket 775 with core 2 duo option instead?? any and all ideas very welcome cheers.
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  1. only suggestions i have is get the fx 6100 over the phenom II they are about the same price but the 6100 is loads better. i'd stick with the one you posted but with a 6100 instead, my cousin has a phenom II x4 and my bro has a 6100 and the 6100 is simply better. and recently got a price drop because amd released their new line so its only about $110 or £70

    or if you can put out £30 ish more get the 6300
  2. my opinon is too get a pentium g860 and a h61 mobo use the savingsa and get a amd 7850
  3. And i dont like your psu..dual rail...realy crapy...and psu is realy important...
  4. hmm didn't really put much thought into the PSU, I know I should have looking at all your comments, would add that I have been in to shop nearby and they have recommended just going with the i3 as this will work on its own graphically.. what do you think >
  5. dedicated gpus are always better, and the i3 is about the same price as the phenom x4 i think and if not the x4 isnt much more for 2 more cores

    you could always get this one
    i dont know where you would get it in Europe but its pretty nice for only 100 bucks
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