Need advice on Video Card

So i almost finished my build,the only thing that is left is the GPU.
I'm looking at the Msi 660 ti PE/OC or the AMD Radeon 7950.
I heard the drivers of amd aren't very good.
I will mostly play Battlefield 3 and the benchmarks say the gtx 660 ti beats the 7950.

I can always not buy an ssd and go for a 670 but i don't know if it's good for 100$ more.

So in the end it's Gtx 660 Ti vs Amd 7950
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  1. Get a HD7870 or HD7950. The newest Catalyst beta drivers apparently really uncork the power of the new GCN architecture.
    Comments about drivers, pro or con, about either company's cards, are usually unsubstantiated fanboi nattering based on unfortunate past events that BOTH AMD and nVidia have had.
  2. If you are into overclocking, then the 7950 will far outstrip the 660 ti especially on a large resolution/multi monitors. I recommend getting an SSD (like a Samsung 830 128GB) as it will do wonders for boot and access times.
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