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I need help finding a graphics card for a Dell Optiplex 745 Desktop PC (DT) size Case. I have a power supply box in the case of 280Watts as standard. Below is the link and information to the motherboard and slots on the motherboard etc.

I know I will need a low profile card, I just need choices of graphics card which will be safe to use with the system specs.
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  1. My optiplex 745 desktop has a riser board

    This should permit two full height cards although my riser board was then fitted with a low profile card. Do you have this riser boad in your computer?

    My computer refused to boot and I thought the machine was dead until I removed the riser - it still works but I'm currently running off the onboad graphics which I find is okay for the web and flash movies.

    I started looking for a replacement but was unsure how many watts I had spare considering the size of the power supply.

    There are various site which have power supply calculators - after consulting some of these I came to the conclution I would need to go for the very bottom of the video card market - which didn't seem worth it.

    This is the card that was originally fitted to my machine:

    - so you may be able to purchase something like this. I decided it wasn't worth it as the onboard graphics do for me for now except i can no longer run two monitors.
  2. Search for a power supply calculator - this is the first one I used :

    If your hardware knowledge is as lacking as mine then its not very friendly.
    It led me to believe I had around 30 watts to play with but its only a guesstimate due to capacitor aging (I think, maybe).
  3. I do not have a riser board inserted but will buy one if it's restricting me in anyway, I have done research into the x1300 pro graphics card recommended and supported by dell as they offer the drivers on there website. I was thinking about something better knowing PSU restricts me quite a bit. I looked for a PSU replacement for the DT case and can not find one anywhere.

    I have been looking at charts on power consumption and noticed the Radeon HD 4550 uses the same as a x1300pro with a requirement PSU of 300 Would this work?,2122-6.html

    A person also mentioned that this card works well on a 300 PSU
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