Fraps Problem - Graphics card?

I spent a reasonable amount of money on a top end computer (well I think so) and for some reason I cannot fraps World of Warcraft without it freezing the game extremely often.

I have the amd 8 core cpu its at like 3.8ghz but more importantly my graphics card is the AMD Raedon HD 7700 overclock edition (tried OC'd and not OC'd)

Is this graphics card bad or something? Is there something I can do do help?

It's rather frustrating having spent on money on something that doesn't work as I wanted it too.
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  1. Fraps can be effected by many things(CPU/GPU/HDD).

    First off make sure you are recording to a fast drive if you can(A dedicated 7200 rpm drive is not a bad idea or at least a well de-fragmented drive[DO NOT DEFRAG if you have an SSD].).

    A 7770 or 7750 are not ultra high end cards(much more of a mid end card designed to be the replacements for the 6770(5770) ), so they may have some effect.

    I would try the use the 30fps cap on Fraps as well since it will reduce that data rate and may help things out. As a last resort lowering the screen resolution should help for sure.
  2. I only have one internal drive (not external) and Im recording in 25 fps fullsize.

    Must be graphic card then right?
  3. start with the simple stuff first. make sure your mb chipset drivers are up to date and the amd video card drivers are the newest ones. make sure your not missing any drivers for the mb. also make sure your sound chipset drivers are updated. make sure your dvix or codex pack is up to date. check to see what codexs fraps can use to compress or use when it makes avi video clips of your games.
  4. Fraps can be a very high resource application. I don't think it would be your graphics card completely. I would look and see if you can find another capture program that doesn't record in a non compressed format. Maybe something like bandicam I've heard that is less taxing on your system. Also there is a good chance fraps doesn't take full advantage of 8 cores whether its bulldozer or piledriver (love the nicknames they both get :P)
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