Never Settle is very tempting but...

I am a Nvidia Fanboy. I was going to get a 660 ti on the 31st, but with this never settle promo. I am tempted to get the 7950. It now performs better than the 660 ti in BF3 and probably everything at this point. The Game Bundle is also VERY tempting.

What has me hesitant that this is probably the best the 7000 series is going to get. It has been out for 10months. The 600 series has only been out for 7 months for the 680, 5 months for the 670, and 2 months for the 660 ti. The 600 series will also have drivers that come along to dramatically boost their performance as well, more than likely beyond the 7000 series. So I am thinking of just waiting an extra week or possibly all the way until Black Friday to see what camp green does.

I really want to play MoH, but if Nvidia offers BL2 and AC3. I will go green. I really want adaptive vsync as well.
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  1. You're splitting hairs over a few FPS. Go with your heart and remember that AMD is on the ropes as a corporation. Major restructuring and laying off 20% of their workforce does not bode well for future driver support.

    The driver gains for the new drivers are a bit overblown anyway.
  2. Those benchmarks are for a 6950. The new drivers target the 7000 series.
  3. eric4277 said:
    Those benchmarks are for a 6950. The new drivers target the 7000 series.

    Oh, good point. I would wonder if that 7950 will suffer the same fate when the 8000 series comes out in a few months.
  4. What do you mean? If you mean getting outperformed, then yes, of course it will.
    My biggest concern is spending too much money with the 8000 series more than likely dropping around Feb. and the gtx 700s dropping around summer. I don't want to spend too much with new cards so close. I want something that will have a decent resale value come the gtx 700 series. And as I stated, I really would like Adaptive vsync.
  5. Response from Nvidia. There is a mention of speed in BF3 at the end of the article. I will admit, all the games on the chart a old and irrelevant. Need BF3 and other current games. Still need at least 1 game bundled with cards as well.
  6. I'm saying that there appears to be a pattern: AMD seems to only focuses on the current generation and neglects or even hurts the performance of the previous generation. When the 8000 series comes out, based on the track record, I would expect that the 7000 series will cease to be the focus of driver development. If you look at that review, the 6000 series actually did worse with the new drivers.
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