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how do i ddown load from camera to computer
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  1. Hello!
    First, I'm going to go ahead and ask that you (or a mod) change the name of the post to something not idiotic.

    As far as transferring photos from your camera to your computer, you have a few options.

    1.) Usually cameras come with some form of cable that allows you to plug the camera into a USB port on the computer. When you plug in the camera, Windows should automatically install any necessary drivers. You will then be able to see your camera as a new device under "Computer," as if you plugged in a flash drive. You'll then be able to copy your photos onto your desktop or wherever you want.

    2.) Alternatively, you can pop out your camera's SD card and insert it into your computer (provided your machine has an SD card reader). Once you've put it in your computer, you should be able to see it under "Computer," as if it were a flash drive. Then you can copy the photos from your SD card.

    Hope this helps!
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