New Server build, need hardware suggestions

Hello everyone!

Current I have a home server and a separate NAS that I'm looking to combine into one, plus give my server a little more power for what its used for so I'm looking for some hardware suggestions. The NAS is from Snology and is used only for storage.

Current Server:
[CPU] Intel Core 2 Quad @ 2.4GHz
[MB] Some Asus Motherboard
[RAM] DDR2 4GB of Kingston Ram
[HDD] 2x 500GB 7200RPM HDD Raided for redundancy
[PSU] CoolerMaster 500W

I'm looking to use the server for the following:

-- WordPress Sites
-- Mobile Web Services

- TeamSpeak 3 Server

- Postfix Mail Server

- Downloading
-- NZBs
--- SABnzbd, Sickbeard, Newznab (Indexer)

- Network Media Streaming to a HTPC
-- 720p and 1080p Content

- Web Development

- File Server
-- Desktop Backups
-- FTP

- VPN End Point

The big hit on performance is the NZB downloading as SABnzbd (Downloader) will auto repair and extract archives once they have completed downloading so this takes up a lot of CPU and RAM (if I'm processing more then 2-3 HD content my RAM usage can reach 80-90% just for SABnzbd), as well as WordPress depending on site load can use a good amount of resources as well.

So I'm looking for Intel hardware that will do the above without a sweat but I'm not looking to spend anymore then around $600, no video card is required as it will be a headless Ubuntu System; integrated GFXs is a plus but not required. And I don't require hard drives as I will recycle them from my current server and NAS. I do require a PSU as my current server will be going to my Mothers as her desktop.

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  1. ok then. get this

    + this CPU. no graphics as you said. its a i7 but for a i5 price

    if you would like even more ram, i can arrange that for you
  2. Hey BigTroll!

    I never even thought about looking at Xeons! Thats a good idea and I like that build! Well except for the asrock board but that can be switched for a Asus. Thank you every much I think the Xeon hit the mark :D
  3. there are no good asus m-atx boards other than the maximus v gene, which is massive overkill.

    whats wrong with asrock? they have been good recently
  4. Bad experience in the past. Just out of curiosity would using a Server mobo make any difference to a home server?
  5. For what I described above would you recommend AMD over Intel?
  6. For servers that will be running 24/7 both sides offer really good idle power and moderate use power consumption. AMD does use a lot more power at load though.
    Witht he E3 1230V2 at that price, it can match the FX8350 in multithreaded applications but costs $30 more. It probably will be better in terms of power draw and in single threaded situations. I vote the E3 1230V2 simply because its a Xeon and lower power draw.
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