HD 5570 OR GT440 OR GT630 which IS BEST?

I am buying new graphic card for my pc.i know above card is not for highend gaming.i am from india here graphic cards are very i have small buget. please help chosing best among HD 5570 OR GT440 OR GT630

my specs:

intel pentium dual core 3.0ghz
intel g41 s2 p
4 gb ddr3 ram
500gb hd
windows 7 64 bit
450 w psu
1368x768 acer
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  1. pleae reply fast
  2. Bumping is illegal in the forums.

    It depends on the GT440. Is it the DDR3 or the DDR5?
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    If all are DDR5, I believe HD 5570 is the faster one, followed by GT 440.
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  5. I honestly think you should get the GT 630 2GB edition. It is only $60 and runs VERY well. Also this is just a personal suggestion!
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