Is the Intel 4000HD Integrated Graphics enough??

I am buying a i5 3570K processor with integrated graphics card Intel 4000Hd graphics. I will be playing games such as fifa 13, gta 4 and WWE 13 on the

PC. Is the 4000HD graphics enough for the purpose. I am planning to buy a good graphics card later in the next year.
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  1. you can play that games with low resolutioon.but not on high should get good graphic card
  2. No, it's really not. At very low resolution with all the effects off it will play those titles but it's not designed for gaming really. You need a dedicated GPU.
  3. In what resolution monitor....?

    short answer it not good enough, it can play it but looks bad (IMO). since u already planing to buy dedicated gpu next year, i guess just hold on till the budget allowed..

    don't make rush decision when buying things,,
  4. Depends, whats your budget? Err well no it won't play it well but you might be better off getting an A10 for cheaper. atleast it will let you play games in that possible 3+ month time span in between being able to do nothing game wise.
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    I play some titles on HD4000 on my laptop, but its only 1366 x 768 res and low details, even then I get occasional slow framerates playing borderlands 2. I haven't attempted playing anything more intense because it probably wont hold up. On the other hand its all I need to play indie games on steam on the train. For a desktop though and a decent monitor you want a bit more power.
  6. I have a resolution of about 1280x860 (I do not remember exactly). I just want to play my games, I do not need high resolution or quality. I guess I can wait till next year for better graphics cards for better performance. Right now I am a little short on funds thats why I am avioding to buy a graphics card right now. I am buying the i5 3570K since it is an excellent processor.....
  7. As long as you stick with older games or newer games at very low resolution and quality it will work fine for you until you get a graphics card.
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  9. I have intel hd 4000 intergrated on my macbookpro
    And i am running windows 7 thru bootcamp and playing new tomb raider on it and it looks gud
  10. i have macbookpro and im using bootcamp and playing the new tombraider and it looks cool on normal grafixs
    my macbookpro is 13inch using intel hd 4000 intergrated
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