16x card into a 4x slot?

I have a GT640 4gb card to use as dedicated physx with 4850x2 crossfired.

Is there any disadvantage in filing off some pins to make it fit into a 4x slot?.... the only slot free.
Am guessing the 4gb DD3 is just a gimmick and not used fully
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  1. Why did you buy the 4GB version?

    And personally I wouldn't do it, since you wouldn't really be able to use the card in any other application.

    EDIT: If you have a good enough CPU, you can usually run Physx on that.
  2. Bought the card as it is single slot, also to check if amazon would ship graphics cards to australia, sometimes they do, sometimes not. Am sure there is some kind of policy to look up. Then i noticed it had 4gb

    Might look for cheap mobo with third 16x slot. Forget the available slot on my board was obly 4x.
    Somewhere in toms article on physx + amd gpu's it mentions there is not much hit in running lower spec nvidia cards in the shorter slots.
  3. I have no idea how crossfire works with modded drivers if at all + dedicated physx but if its a 3.0 slot you won't have anything to worry about. You might get slight bottlenecking with a 2.0 but I doubt the gpu is fast enough to make a difference anyhow.

    Err wait what are you trying to do? don't file off any pins just file off the end bit thats stopping it from inserting into the slot on the mobo.

    Just be warned I don't know how badly not having those excess lanes hurts performance. But uhhh. In short I don't know enough to answer this fully and confidently. Looks like I have some researching to do. (side note to anyone who knows the PRSNT2# pin is just a sense pin right?)
  4. 4gb seems a bit gimicky.... what circumstances would it ever be used? Probably none if i file it down to fit.
  5. etaxdoa said:
    4gb seems a bit gimicky.... what circumstances would it ever be used? Probably none if i file it down to fit.

    only in work related computation. thats about it. especially since its a bit smaller for 6xx series as its compute score isnt as high.
  6. Yeah that card would never ever be able to use 4gb. Heck I doubt it would even be able to use more than 512mb. If it can I would be wholly impressed. in gaming situations of course.
  7. Thanks mouse, sounds like a better idea!
    Dad needs a new card anyhow if it doesn't work out.
    Don't play anything too demanding, just delaying an entire system upgrade till i have more free time.

    Have vuzix goggles, was going to use it for arkhum asylum and mirrors edge
  8. Would have to file the pins down, cmos battery is in the way if i were to just file out the slot
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