Strange graphics card hit.

Hey guys, ok ive just had the weirdest thing happen, my graphics card basicly just slowed down.

Mid game on world of tanks an arty shell landed really close to me,, i was running at around 30 FPS "my usual".. but i hit around 10.. no idea what happend, then my card got stuck and couldnt produce enough frames, no matter what game i launched up itd lag to hell, no idea what it was, my cards temp hit 70 max. usage was 99% nothing different to the usual, anyone have any ideas what that could have been?.
Regards, ben.

P.S Took a PC restart to fix the problem.
I also had a thought, could it have been CPU that took the hit, the card pretty much seemed fine, apart from 99% usage, it never usualy hits that during World of Tanks games, but i think the CPU might have caused it?, not sure how or why, but it seems possible.
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  1. are all your temps ok?
    as you said it took a restart to fix it it could also be a driver prbolem
  2. Temps seemed normal, just 70 ish. Driver's could be the problem very true, im using some prototype drivers, so could have been the first malfunction, though ive had them for a while with no issues.
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