My PC restarts after the Win7 logo

MY Specs
MOBO-asus p8h61 m
Processor- i3 2100 3.0 ghz
RAM- 2x2gb
GRaphics card-Asus engtx 560 dcII TOP-925 MHz
PSU- seasonic sII 620W
HDD 500 gb Samsung
DVD R/W--sony
OS-win 7 ultimate with SP1 64 bit
i earlier had an nvdia 9600gt card which i upgraded to asus gtx560. when i installed my graphics card on my MOBO, and rebooted the PC it didnot pass the windows logo bootup.
it restarted and changed my VGA plug to the inbuilt vga adapter on the MOBO.. it ran fine..

after thet i formatted the HDD and loaded a fresh copy of WIN7 Ultimate with the vga plug connected to the Graphics card..
it loaded well, windows booted, but when i installed the latest drivers for my graphics card , it again showed the same problem..
after a few said "display driver has stopped responding to kernel " (something like that) " then it showed the "driver version" and it said"but has recovered"

plsss help...!!

thnks in advance
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  1. Try an older version of the nVidia driver or get the latest from the website, don't use the cd provided.
  2. tryed with the latest and oldest.. but nothing in my favour..
  3. also when i reach the windows logo screen.. for 2-3 secs some red dots appear in a line and then after 2-3 secs pc restarts..
  4. start with the simple stuff. with just the onboard video make sure the mb bios is up to date there are a lot of updates for that mb. on that video card it looks from photos online that it has two 6 pin pci power plugs. make sure your using both. also check that you have the 4/8 pin connected on the mb and it seated. also check that your using the top video slot. if you are try using the lower slot and see if it works. as the onboard ipgp is working make sure you have the newest drivers for it and intel mb chipset drivers from intel.
  5. thnks guys but the card was faulty..... gave it to the company person for checking..he will either make it work or else..HE"LL REPLACE IT with a new one.. thks
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