Can Anyone reccommend a Decent Upgradable Laptops

I currently am using an emachines E627 which I love. I bought it for $200 and have since replaced the stock processor and RAM, upgrading them to 2x2.2GHz and 4GB respectively. It still runs beautifully and does most of what I need other than gaming, due to the integrated graphics card.

I was wondering if a similar laptop was available today-that is, one where I could upgrade parts as I need to, that also had an independant GPU. Any recommendations within a <$500 budget?
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  1. bump?
  2. Newer laptops are really losing upgradeability. There really isnt anything you can do unless you want to drop like 2k+ on a laptop. You're better off buying a nice HP or something with an integrated card.
  3. That's dissapointing to hear. I suppose I'll hop on eBay then
  4. Yea, they don't make those laptops like they used to. You could probably put a SSD if you wanted though, and upgrade the RAM in any given laptop, but that's about all you can really do.
  5. Clevo P150EM. But it's over $1000. I don't think there is a laptop with MXM under $1000.
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