Looking for a graphics card formy gm5478

Hi im looking for a graphics card thats pretty good that will run on my current system i want to be able to play doom 3 bfg edition on the highest specs and games like crysis 2. my pc is pretty old so i dont expect much from it but i thought id ask you guys heres the specs and im willing to spend $250 for a card if the pc will handle it.dont know much about this stuff so im asking the pros :)

its a gm5478

antec 550 psu
4 gigs memory
intel core 2 quad processor q6600
500 gig sata 2 harddrive
and not sure what the motherboard is it is stock gm5478
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  1. I have a GTS 450 with my Q6600 and it performs absolutely fine in the games you mentioned. Just make sure your power supply has sufficient voltage and the right connectors to support it.
  2. Hi thanks for the reply does anyone else.have some ideas im trying my options with a system like this and im really in the dark also i forgot to mention im using vista 32 bit. I dont know who else to ask and after reading the forums this place is definitely a good place to ask i only know one person who knows about graphics cards and cpus and he extremely arrogant lol plz help.
  3. Anyone? I would like to know what graphics card i could get before my rig would hold it back.
  4. I have the same system and having problems with the Asus 210 when I tried upgrading my card, so I'm interested to see what results you ended up with on your quest. Would you please update me with results, whenever they're available?
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