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Hi, I am building a new build and I have chosen my parts but since this is my first build I would like someone with more knowladge about builds than me to make sure I am building a good PC. I am aiming for a high end gaming PC

Not on this list because I am buying form another retailer is the Bitfenix Colossus Case and 5 bitfenix spectre pro fans 2 for the h100i so the h100i would be in push pull with the stock fans and spectre pros and the other 3 are for the case. Thank you I just really want to be on the mark with my build because I am only a high school student that is working part time at mcdonalds and after alot of saving I finally have enough for my build help is much appreciated.
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  1. the link. it shows nothing.

    use this;
  2. Do you have a HDD at all? Its a high end PC for sure, but looking at it, I think you can get a better build for the same price. Check this out,3363.html
    from good old THW itself
  3. HDD is fine. I looked at the THW build and I really liked it :)
  4. this build here is pretty good and will save you $400
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    Not to be mean, but that build is kinda bad. Not in terms of performance. But in terms of price/performance. The H100 sucks, I will tell you right now, all the Corsair Hydro series or any closed loop water cooling system for that matter, SUCKS. The H100i is great, no doubt, but for the price, a few degrees isn't worth the extra $60... You're better off getting something that will have a performance effect on your system.

    For pure gaming, and even most multi-threads, the i7 3770K is overkill. The GTX 680 sucks for the price/performance. The 7970 especially with more recent drivers at 1ghz (most of them come at this clock @ stock) kill the 680. PSU is overpriced and more than needed. Motherboard is overpriced and underperforms indefinitely, it really isn't worth its value at all. A $130 Asrock Extreme4 Z77 or Extreme3 would perform pretty much the same and save you A LOT of money. Most Z77 boards can clock an i5 3570K at 5ghz easy.
    SSD is kind of overpriced, you could get a 120GB for about $90 like the Kingston 3K and it'll perform just the same if not better in benchmarks as well. Memory is overpriced, most 16GB kits only cost like $60.


    680 vs 7970 clock for clock the 7970 is better:,3264-3.html
    7970 vs 680 vs 670:
    H100i vs a lot of coolers:
    Get this CPU cooler instead:
    Asus Maximus V Formula isn't worth it:

    Check out my $1100 build here:
    The parts are explained and you'll get a much better bang for your buck, save $600 and still get similar performance if not better (from the GPU you will).
  6. Thank you so much this is why I started this thread my question is the asrock extreme4z77 have good onboard audio that is why I was very attracted to the maximus V formula thanks
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  8. Yep no problem, and yeah most audio chipsets on motherboards nowadays are pretty similar and the sound quality is pretty solid. I'm using MB sound on my Gigabyte Z68X-UD3H and it's pretty decent.
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