Mac Mini or Windows Build PLEASE HELP THANK YOU

So I favor mac but they are too exspensive i have about 700-780$ to spend on a PC Main Uses are at the Bottom and If i decid to get a Mac Mini I will probably turn it into a Rendering Mac Mini cluster when i get two or three more if i decide on the Mac Mini Please Help Tom's Hardware : )
First Build (WINDOWS)
Cpu- Intel Core i5 3470 Quad core cpu
* Lga family with room for Upgrade later
Gpu- AMD Radeon 7770 HD 1 GB (Gigabyte Radeon)
* The Gpu is affordable and comes with FarCry 3 and Medal of Honor free *
* Sli/Crossfire Probably Later *
Mobo- AsRock EXTRME6 LGA 1155 with USB 3.0 Quad Sli/Crossfire z77 Chipset
Ram- Komputerbay 16GB (2x8 GB) DDR3 1600 MHz 240-pin Quad Channel
* Upgrade to 32 Gb Later *
Case- Xion Echo Red Classic Series Atx Steel Midtower.
* Cheap case that looks clean like a mac instead of ugly and clutter rich. I
Want the most clean look * * Like Imac or Mac Mini *
CPU Cooler- Cooler Master Hypers 212 PLUS
HDD- Hybrid HDD/SSD SeaGate Momentus 2.5 inch drive 500gb
* Raid Later on and dual HDD/SSD/Hybrid later on as well *
PSU- Silencer MK III 500 W Modular 80 Plus Bronze Power

Thats my main Build

Second (Mac)
2011 Mac Mini
Cpu- Intel i7 Quad 2.7 GHz
Gpu- AMD Radeon 663M 256 MB
2012 Mac Mini
Cpu- Quad Intel i7
Gpu- Intel Hd 4000 with Shared Memory

Both will be upgraded to dual HDD/SSD and 16gb (max) Ram and
May be used in a mac mini rendering cluster in the future.

So I cant Decid on my Windows Build of Mac Build
I Favor Mac but the Windows Build Comes with 2 Free Games, A better Gpu

Main goals are to edit photo's and video
Programs that it will be using
-After Effects Cs6
-Cinema 4d R13
-Photoshop Cs6
-Sony Vegas Pro 12
-Boujou 5
-Hd PVR 2 Software to Record Games at 1080i or 720p
-and other video-photograpic editing software in the future.
Thanks for you help Please Respond
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  1. Depends on which software you're comfortable with. I haven't tried windows 8, but windows 7 is fairly easy to use. If you don't like building pc's, then dell has a deal today:;

    I normally don't recommend dell computers, but this system is affordable, and you may be able to run your video card without changing the power supply. If you custom build a windows pc, and decide you want to go back to the mac, you'll never get anywhere near your money back. But if you have a dell or hp, you'll at least be able to sell it for near your original purchase price. Dell makes most of it's profits on upgrades, so get the standard dell package and don't order any extra ram, etc. The standard system specs are pretty good. Just understand that you won't be able to upgrade the dell later on; nothing wrong with building your own pc, just be sure you can do it (requires some patience and troubleshooting skills). You can upgrade the dell power supply to a better one, but the standard one is only 300 watts.
  2. Windows ITX based.

    Mac Mini is good but at the end of the day its still based on stuff they fit in laptops.

    if you know your stuff you might be able to use Nvidia CUDA technology to render videos etc on your GPU rather than your CPU.
  3. The Mac Mini only uses mobile processors. So, the PC build will be superior on the CPU and GPU. Also, upgradeabilty. The Mac Mini your basically stuck with what you get.

    Why not go with the best of both worlds ... a hackintosh??
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