Computer doesent recognize my graphics card

Os : windows 7 32 bit
ram : 2gb ddr2
cpu : amd athlon 64 x2 5000+ 2.61 Ghz
hdd 500gb
mobo :msi-7225 , chipset model geforce 6150 , bios : american megatraders v3.14

need help please
ok so b4 upgrading to my new graphics card i had an ati radeon hd 2400 pro 512 mb dedicated ddr2 but i wanted to play better games n stuff so i bought an ati radeon hd 5450 1gb ddr3 but when installed it nothing was showing on monitor and when i started my pc with on-board graphics the pc started but on bios/device manager it didn't show my new graphics card
not sure about my power supply but it says : max 460W and equal to 385W , on graphics card box it was recomanded 350W or higher then a friend came over to me and told me that my motherboarad is too old to support that graphics card but i had an pci-e graphics card installed be4? need help please
as soon as possible :(
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  1. Your new graphics card is a PCIe 2.1, which is initially incompatible with PCIe 1.0 slots.
    Most developers have updated the BIOS to account for this and made it so that it should work.

    If you can find a new BIOS that may help. I can't find the BIOS history atm, but I will assume your 3.14 is an older BIOS
  2. bios date is 09/07/2006 dont think is very old
  3. 2.0 was available in 2007 so 2.1 came out after that. Your BIOS is definitely pre-2.1 fix.

    The wikipedia quote about the issue btw.
    PCI Express 2.1 supports a large proportion of the management, support, and troubleshooting systems planned for full implementation in PCI Express 3.0. However, the speed is the same as PCI Express 2.0. Unfortunately, the increase in power from the slot breaks backward compatibility between PCI Express 2.1 cards and some older motherboards with 1.0/1.0a, but most motherboards with PCI Express 1.1 connectors are provided with a BIOS update by their manufacturers through utilities to support backward compatibility of cards with PCIe 2.1.

    Don't know where to get you a new BIOS from though. MSI archive doesn't return any hits on 7225 search query
  4. so i guess i need a new motherboard?
  5. It would be a solution, but I'd try emailing MSI to ask if they have a BIOS first.
  6. Modded BIOS

    Waaaaaaaay beyong my pay-grade.

    However, SLIC deals with pre-installed windows and activation on your computer. 1.0 is XP, 2.0 is Vista and 2.1 is Windows 7.

    This is not relevant to your problem I'm afraid

    It did bring up an interesting thing. It mentions a MS-7225 motherboard whereas you mention an msi-7225 motherboard. In case of contacting the manufacturer for a new BIOS this is quite relevant of course. Do you have the HP described in the link there? HP Pavilion w5570
  7. its ok man ima throw this pc out of my windows and geting a new 1 with a budget of 400€ i really appreciate you for the time and the help , thank you very much
  8. Good luck with your build.
    If your peripherals are still good and you want to use that 5450 €400 will get you a very decent build. CPU, motherboard, RAM and HDD for 400 is definitely doable.
    Save the HDD from your old one for mass storage and get an SSD instead maybe?

    Have fun.
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