Stumped..need a bit of help on new build

I've just finished building a computer for a friends parents and ended up sticking a FX-4170 processor in a Gigabyte 970-D3 mobo with crucial balistic ram. I've been running some benchmarks and testes to see if everything is up to par with the system. Everything seems to check out, but at times I feel like there is a slight glitchyness that probably only I would notice.

I ended up running the intellburntest, and noticed a drastic difference between my comp (with a phenom II 955, gigabyte 890FXA-UD5, and Gskill Ram) compared to the other. The burn test on my comp is getting almost 50Gflps and the other comp running a faster processor and comparable ram is only running close to 20Gflops. Why the difference with 2 systems that I feel are comparably close?
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  1. I've noticed something else odd that I don't think is normal. I was watching CPUID HWMonitor and the volts jump more than my regular computer. On the new build it shows a +12v and a -12v and the -12v is fluctuating between -12 and -4. What's odd is I don't have a -12v on my computer. my computer doesn't have the CPU volt shifting much either. but on the new build for the FX-4170 its jumping between .9V and 1.44V for the CPU. Do I have a bum power supply? its a thermaltake TR2 430W.
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