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Im thinking of buying a graphic card that is around 100-180 euros , which do you guys suggest me? For gaming , please!
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  1. Where do you live?
    In that price range the card you should be looking at is the HD 7850.Preferrably the 2GB version but the 1GB one isn't a lot slower (5%)
    Or if the HD 7850 is out of your budget you should try finding a cheap GTX 560 Ti or a HD 6950.Both of them are really fast cards and you will not be dissapointed by their performance.
  2. fjfixer said:
    do you know the specs on your pc? do you have a PCI-express port on your motherboard? if so is it x16?

    mate can we talk on skype plz ? add me : marioscy95 or facebook : :) please so we can talk from there :)
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