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Torn between GTX670/ HD7950 Crossfire

I know HD 7950 Crossfire is much more expensive than single pc GTX670 but my mobo cannot support SLI only crossfire... However, i can't decide whether to get GTX 670 or HD7950 Crossfire, i have read all the reviews and other threads it seems that there are alot of different answer at the end of the day. My main usage is for gaming more towards MMORPG and FPS games and i am going to use multiple monitors.
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  1. If you are using multiple monitors on extended resolution (eyefinity) then the CF setup is much more powerful.
  2. Currently i am using 2 monitors both running at 1920x1080 might upgrade to 3rd monitor but not so soon
  3. Ever thought about the 7970. They are running about the same price as GTX670 and Crossfire well.
  4. Yea i did but getting 2nd 7970 is abit over my budget
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    Single powerful card > crossfire lesser cards. It sounds like you don't have a 670 or 7950 so you're better off going with a single card / multiple display setup.

    rolli59 is absolutely correct though, if you're running multiple displays then crossfire (eyefinity) is better than AMD's surround
  6. Another reason is i have been supporting Nvidia over the years just that this HD7900 series seems to be a competitor with Nvidia 600x series so i am pretty stuck now.. Is crossfire stability much better now?
  7. If you already have a 7970 then why would you think about Crossfiring two lesser cards?

    Download the new Catalyst (12.11), overclock the 7970 and call it a day. You'll use less power, run cooler and won't have to worry about driver compatibility / micro stutter.
  8. I dont have a 7970
  9. Both cards are pretty even bench wise but did you know about the deal AMD is offering with 7900 series. Also you should get 2 sets of code for the games so you could sell the extra and make some money back! :bounce:
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