I5-3470 vs i5-3570K

I dont really the need to OC since it degrades the PC, requires you to get an aftermarket cooler which get noisy.

I will be playing mediocrly and the 3.2 GHz of the 3470 should suffice enough considering I am pairting it up with a 7870, also I get a mobo discount when I swittch to an H77 mobo since I dont need to buy an Asus z77 anymore for 140 dollars.

Yea when i record and render videos, my *** will lag but for a mere seconds of shortening I dont really see the need to stress my system.
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  1. I would go for the 3470.
  2. The 3470 is a good processor if your sure that your not going to OC, but if for some reason you would want to OC, Ie. Recording/uploading you could still OC the I5 3570K with the heat sink that it comes with, just not as much
  3. I just built with an $70 msi g41 z77 mobo and a 3570k.

    I understand what you are saying about not planning on overclocking, but let pose a counter point.

    I am not overclocking now, but I sprung for the 3570k with the future in mind. By spending a little more now, I can set myself up for a longer lasting system. In a year or two years I can buy a second video card and run SLI (for cheap) and buy a better cooler and overclock. $150 for a significant performance bump and another year or two from my build. Chepaer in the long run.
  4. You could buy the 3570 (non-K) if you think the .2ghz will make a difference.

    Also exact opposite with the cooler, aftermarket cooling is quieter.
  5. hmm you know what I decided to take a change and spring the i3570k with the MSI board, sure the board isnt that expensive, but it will be easier to replace the board in the future than to buy a whole new processor. I dont plan to OC but who knows maybe Video editing/ rendering and design is what truly gives me passion in life and I turn this from a hobby into a career, I am currently pursuing medicine :D. Thanks for the input guys.
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