Was this a good deal for this PC, and will it serve my purposes?

So I've never really gotten informed about the whole PC building thing, nor am I particularly knowledgeable in regards to computers and their various components. I feel like this last week has been kind of a crash course on computers for me. Anyway, I managed to scrape together this setup (I'm in the process of receiving all the parts), and I'm wondering if the price/rig is decent. It's mostly a prebuilt PC I had (unfortunately) hastily bought that has a few added bits.

the setup I'll have once everything arrives:
Acer S201HLbd 20" LED LCD Monitor
standard optical mouse and keyboard
64bit copy of windows 7
AMD A10-5700 CPU
MSI MS-7778 "Jasmine" Mobo (it's an HP mobo with only one gen 2.0 PCI Express x16 slot, so no overclocking or crossfire I guess, but I didn't plan on it anyway)
12gb ram (I'm assuming overkill, but it came with the rig)
630w Rosewill green series PSU (I know it's overkill, but it was cheaper than any decent 500w I could find, and some people warned me against using a 430w (though in retrospect I wish I'd have gone with it after seeing some comments about the 430 after I bought the 630))
xfx 6870 GPU
some crappy, smallish ATX case. It's like 15.5" tall, 7" wide, and 16" deep or something.
Some headset I got for free.
aaaand a 1600 dollar cintiq drawing tablet (I already had that though lol).

I got everything for $630. I know I could have probably built something better for a similar or cheaper price from the ground up, but that total accounts for all shipping costs, peripherals, the Monitor and the OS. I'm on a pretty tight budget ATM, so that's close to the most I could afford to spend right now.

For its purposes, I'm wondering if it'll be good to use it for some light gaming and potentially demanding photoshop/2D animation work (probably using Flash Professional). I'm hoping to be able to run most low-demand games on the highest settings; more modern, demanding games (bf3 or Crysis 2 for example) on mediumish setting at 1600x900; and perhaps some newer games down the line (tomb raider or something) on low. I'm also not picky in my gaming, so I don't mind an average 30fps at 720p or something.

I'm kind of worried about potential bottlenecking from the crappy HP components and CPU or unforeseen complications when I'm putting it together. However, as far as I can tell there should be no real glaring flaws with its actual functionality/compatibility.

I don't plan on keeping this computer for long (maybe 2 years) before upgrading to something I'll build myself, so I'm not too worried about its upgrade potential/future proofing (or lack therof).

So, what do you guys think? Did I make a huge mistake? I feel like that's a solid deal, but maybe I'm overlooking something.

Thanks for any responses. Sorry the post is so long-winded.
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    Your component selection is good for a tight budget, nothing wrong with it and should last your a year or two.

    The first bottleneck that I can see would be your GPU, but that "should" be a year down the road.

    As for the case, it is an important component as it is the main thing that makes or breaks your pc. Use the current case and have a look around until you find a case you love, then move everything over to the new case. Cases normally lasts a few builds before they are replaced
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