Help please i get really bad fps!

First this is a recently build pc, i installed sleeping dogs only now and i get 10 fps minimum!, 10 fps! holy!! with a gtx 680, 12 gb of ram, intel 2500 cpu, the only thing that it is bugging my head is the damn psu because it is an agiler 1400 watts with 70 ampers but it is not certificated or efficient like a corsair or something similar, but well how can i deal with this **** please, look guys i was given the parts to build this pc it was not my money spent, but i got paid to build it to some kid so he can play games on it.
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  1. Looks like a beast to me. What's the hard drive? Could it be over heating?
  2. well the card spins fine, the harddrive is something average like a 500 gb.
  3. Is the onboard video trying to process the graphics, instead of the GPU?
  4. i think not i see this fps thing on the benchmark setting of sleeping dogs. And there says gtx 680. But tell me guys it is possible than a psu decrease performance this bad on a video card or it is something else.
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