Need advice on buying used system

Hi all,

Found this deal in my local craigslist

Do you guys think I should jump on this?
It seems like a good price if I can get it to last until after Braodwell (doubt there will be much cpu gains in next 2 gens)
Should I stick at that price or try and get out a lower offer like $120?

If anyone in vancouver is reading this, I call dibs and hands off! =P
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    Intel Quad-Core i5 750 use to be a 200$ chip
    Gigabyte P55-USB3 use to be a 130$ board

    boath with good reviews and still buildable

    go for it
  2. Is there any significant risk with buying used CPU's and boards? I know boards can die easily sometimes but what about CPU's?
  3. the main thing that kills motherboard / cpu is heat (and sometimes bad luck) ive got a 15yr (maybe older) old 233 i keep running if its built well and has good ventilation a pc "can" last until the metal starts to corrode and or capacitors blow,

    on the same note a brand new pc i was working with after the owner decided to clean it was fried due to a small amount of liquid propellant that came out of one of those compressed air canisters right into one of the processor terminals.
  4. there is always a risk buying used... but at the same time the cheaper benefit as well.
  5. My only other option to buy new in my budget of 150ish I see right now is this

    The i5 should be a lot better than the i3 right?
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