Display Problems on Windows Startup

I'll lay out my PC's specs

GPU: EVGA Nvidia 9800gtx+

PSU: CoolerMaster Extreme Power 550w

AC Input: 110v-115v/220v-225v 8A/6.3A 60/50Hz
DC Output:+3.3v / +5v / +12v1/ +12v2 / -5v / -12v / +5VSB /
Max Out: 25A / 25A / 16A / 16A / 0.8A / 0.8A / 2.5A /

CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo Quad 9400 2.66Ghz

MoBo: Gigabyte EP45-UD3P, 8G ram

OS: Windows 7 x64

Heres my problem:

I believe my 4 year old GPU (9800gtx+) either took a dump or isn't getting enough power from my 4 year old piece of **** coolermaster 550w PSU. I start up my PC, then right when the Windows 7 loading screen pops up I get 8 white lines at the top left of my screen right next to each other (which has been normal for about 2 years now, I never looked up how to fix the problem because it didn't cause any problems, it would still load to the login screen without the actual Windows 7 logo showing up before hand), but now it will load to the login screen, but instead it stays in the loading screen with the 8 white lines at the top left, then slowly little bits of colored lines flashing different colors start to add up at the top of the screen just multiplying 1 at a time real slowly. I can tell it loaded the login screen because my USB keyboard lights up after the system loads up, it just gets stuck on the loading screen instead of converting to the login screen while building up those color pixels.
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  1. If I have to replace my GPU, I was planning on getting the EVGA GeForce GTX 650ti,2G, 1.07Ghz Core clock. Would my PSU be able to run that considering the 9800gtx+ I had before consumed 302 watts at peak load vs. the 246 watts on the 650.
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