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BIOS start error after update

December 13, 2012 8:09:54 AM

I recently purchased an ASUS G75VW that came preinstalled with Windows 8. Within a week after the purchase however, the hard drive was wiped. So, scrounging up a copy of Windows 7 (preferred OS) I installed it. None of my partitions or drivers were left so I went to the ASUS support site and downloaded the drivers in order to get my new machine up and running.

However, the machine continued to have issues with the USB ports not working or reading any attachments, and the factory installed camera not being found in the device registry.

I contacted ASUS and was directed to use their live update to install a new USB driver, yet the install would never take. The next step they provided was to update my BIOS from version 218 to 221. I did so and the computer reset. However, when it rebooted, it went directly into BIOS without any prompt on my part. closing out of the BIOS just cycles the issue and brings me back into BIOS. I have gone to the default settings and nothing.

What can I do to resolve this issue? ASUS has yet to provide with any information and I need that machine up and running shortly. It is the only one I have capable of gaming that will keep me sane and sober while in Korea.